Free Breast Implants Are Being Offered To The Poor In This Indian State- But….Oops!

The world of cosmetic surgery, particularly breast reduction or augmentation, will no longer be limited to celebrities and the wealthy in Tamil Nadu as the Indian state on Wednesday launched a free cosmetic to the residents.

Tamil Nadu’s health minister, C Vijaya Baskar, while launching the scheme in state capital Chennai, said: “Why should beauty treatment not be available to the poor? If we don’t offer they may opt for dangerous methods or take huge loans for it,” he said, as quoted by the Times of India.

Dr VRamadevi, head of plastic surgery at Stanley Medical College and Hospital, where the clinic is located, said many women had approached the hospital for breast reconstruction in the past few months.

“We have been doing surgeries to reconstruct entire breasts or a part for cancer victims. Now, we plan to do surgeries for those who want to increase or reduce their breast size,” she said.

Head of plastic surgery at Government Stanley Medical College and Hospital, Dr V Ramadevi, said, “As a plastic surgeon I don’t judge women when they seek surgery. If they are fit I recommend.”

Now women (or men) who wish to alter their breasts for other health or cosmetic reasons will also be able to do so.

“As a plastic surgeon I don’t judge women when they seek surgery,” Dr Ramadevi said.

“If they are fit I recommend.”

The plastic surgery department will register patients for these surgeries on Mondays. Women will have to undergo basic tests before doctors decide the operation they would require. “There is one sub-speciality we will focus on each day of the week,” she said.

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