Russian Prisons ‘Fitted With LCD TVs For World The Cup’- Here’s What We Know

Russian prisons have been fixed up for the World Cup, according to the country’s opposition leader. Improvements include the installation of LCD TV screens in cells for prisoners to watch games, restaurant-quality food, and World Cup-branded souvenirs to take as keepsakes when you’re released.

Alexei Navalny, who gained his freedom after a month behind bars for organizing protests against President Vladimir Putin, wrote in an Instagram post announcing his release Thursday that he was pleasantly surprised by Russia’s fancy new prisons.

“In all cells, renovation was completed,” he wrote. “[Bars] painted. Instead of holes in the floor (sorry for such details) put the toilet.” The food “is now better than in restaurants,” with grilled meat kebabs as the main course, imported non-alcoholic beers to wash them down, and tiramisu for dessert. “Everyone who goes out [gets] a gift: a little book with laws and dominoes (or backgammon) with the symbols of the championship,” he wrote. “I chose backgammon.”

But for now, few World Cup fans have found themselves in the refurbished cell blocks. “Since there are no foreigners yet, the students are bored, they complain loudly and demand mass arrests to meet people,” he said.

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