This Female Double Amputee Defies All Odds To Scale 14,115-Foot Mountain In 3 Days

A Colorado woman Mandy Horvath has become the first double amputee to scale the state’s Pikes Peak and make it to the mountain top on Wednesday.

She accomplished it after several gruelling days using her hands to crawl up the trail leading to the 14,115 summit of America’s Mountain.

Horvath lost her legs in a train accident several years ago.

In April, she boldly crawled up to the top of the steep Manitou Incline trail, which she thinks might have been a first for a female double amputee.

Then she got thinking about climbing up to the top of the fourteener that lies high above the Incline.

According to KCNC-TV, , Horvath’s family and friends were waiting for her when she reached the summit.

In a Facebook post she showed a picture of herself on the summit with the caption “Hey Guinness World Records, can you see me now?”

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