‘Bismillah’: This Muslim Biology Professor Is Demanding Students Praise Allah And Remove Shoes Before Entering His Office

The University of Connecticut says a Muslim professor retired after students complained that he required them to remove their shoes and say “Bismillah” before entering his office.

Bismillah is an Arabic phrase meaning “in the name of Allah.”

Campus Reform reports that Coe, who retired over the last year, pasted signs outside of his campus office that told students to remove their shoes before entering the office.

One sign read, “Remove shoes before entering.”

The other sign read, “Knock first, then request entry. Say: Bismallah.”

In a video shared on Tuesday by Jihad Watch, such signs are visible, and Coe can be heard telling a student, “I’m a Muslim. You don’t come into my office with dirty shoes. That’s a curse.”

After the student asked about his shoe policy, Coe can be heard telling the student to “get the hell out.”

The rest of the video contains footage from December of two men approaching Coe in his office.

“I want to know why these [signs] are necessary,” one of the men asks Coe. “Why would a student have to take their shoes off? Why would a student have to say [Bismillah]?”

“Because I am a Muslim and I don’t want them coming in my office with dirty shoes,” Coe stated.

“But this is your office, this is not a prayer [place],” the man tells Coe. “We have a separate place for a prayer.”

“If a Christian put in here ‘In Jesus’ name’…would this happen?” the man continues.

“UConn promptly resolved the issue in a manner that respects the rights of all involved, and affirms the University’s values of civility and inclusivity,” a UConn spokesperson told Campus Reform.

“Regarding this instance, the sign that had directed guests to precede their conversations with a specific Arabic phrase was immediately removed at the University’s direction,” the spokesperson stated.

“That particular faculty member has retired in the time since this video was taken last year,” the spokesperson added.

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