Man Confesses To Murdering His Heavily Pregnant Wife –But Wait Until You Read His Stunning Accusation

In a stunning development Monday, unsealed affidavits reveal that a Colorado oil worker charged with murdering his pregnant wife and two young daughters told investigators following his arrest that he killed his wife after she strangled the children.

Chris Watt confessed to murdering his wife, but told police he did it because she had strangled and killed their two daughters.

Yahoo News reports, quoting Reuters, that Chris Watts, who had been involved in an extramarital affair with a co-worker, said during a police interrogation that his wife, Shannan, strangled their daughters Bella and Celeste after he announced that he wanted a separation, according to an arrest affidavit filed in the sensational case.

“While in the bedroom, via a baby monitor located on Shannan’s night stand, he observed Bella ‘sprawled’ out on her bed, blue, and Shannan actively strangling Celeste,” Frederick Police Officer Matthew James wrote in the affidavit.

She had been last seen when her friend dropped her off at her home after a work trip to Arizona on August 13. She missed a doctor’s appointment later that day and police made a welfare check at the home at 1:30 PM.

Watt, who is 33 years old, had been interviewed Tuesday about the disappearance of his pregnant wife and their two daughters. He tearfully appealed to the camera, asking that they be returned home.

“Shanann, Bella, Celeste: If you’re out there, just come back,” he said. “Like if somebody has her, just bring her back. I need to see everybody… This house is not complete without anybody here. Please bring ‘em back.”

He was taken into custody by police Wednesday evening.

On Thursday, a body was discovered at a petroleum company where Chris Watt had worked. Later it was confirmed to be that of Shanann Watt. And the bodies of the two daughters were found near their mother’s remains.

On Monday, Chris Watt was formally charged with the murders.

In the unsealed affidavit, police allege that Chris Watt was having an affair, though he initially denied the claim. Watt told the police that he murdered his wife, but that he had flown into a rage because she had strangled their daughters.

According to police, he told them that he had talked with his wife about his desire to separate from her. When he came back from going downstairs, she had already strangled one daughter, and was in the act of killing the other.

He told police that he flew into a rage, killed her, and loaded her body onto his truck.

A friend of the family told People magazine that Shanann Watt was very devoted to her family.

“She talked about her girls as miracles, because she had some health problems and didn’t know if she’d have kids,” said Kris Landon. “But she really embraced motherhood, and I thought she embraced her marriage, too. They seemed like partners. Amazing partners.”

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