85-Year-Old Becomes Britain’s Oldest Person To Have A Sex Change Operation

85-year-old Ruth Rose is the UK’s oldest woman to have a gender reassignment surgery.

She opted for the surgery four years ago after doctors gave her the green light to be able to undergo the full procedure, The Sun reported.

Rose defended surgery, which cost the equivalent of about $5,160, in an interview with the BBC and shared that she sat on an NHS advisory board and volunteered for charities that supported elderly persons.

“It is only in the past 15 years that this has become acceptable. Before that people thought it was just for freaks,” Rose told the BBC.

Ruth went by the name James before she came out after retirement. Rose was an ex-RAF navigator, mechanical engineer and financial consultant.

She had even gone on to marry but her wife discovered pictures of her wearing women’s wear in 1973. They eventually divorced in 2003.

Ruth revealed she wanted to be a female when she was nine-years-old.

The NHS funded the £4,000 cost of the surgery, which she did not expect. “I was surprised to be given the chance for a medical transition. It’s like starting my life all over,” she revealed.

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