Iraqi Beauty Queen And Instagram Star Gunned Down- Military-Style- In Baghdad

Iraqi model and fashion aficionado Tara Fares was reportedly assassinated by unknown attackers on Thursday evening in the capital city, Baghdad.

Fares, a prominent former beauty queen with nearly 3 million followers on Instagram, was killed after gunmen opened fire on her in the city’s Kam Sara neighbourhood.

The Interior Ministry announced it had opened an investigation into the model’s death, according to Kurdistan 24.

The director of media at Baghdad’s Rusafa Health Center meanwhile told the Iraqi reports that Fares’ body arrived at Sheikh Zaid hospital at 5:45 pm after she was shot three times.

Fares, 22, apart from being Baghdad’s beauty queen in 2015, was also a model and fashion aficionado whose frequent selfies have earned her 2.7 million followers on her official media accounts. She uploaded occasional vlogs to her YouTube channel.

The influencer was well known on Iraq’s fledgling beauty pageant circuit and had competed in the Miss Iraq and Miss Baghdad contests.

She lived in Erbil, the capital of Iraqi Kurdistan but recently spent an increasing amount of time in Baghdad as her career progressed.

A photo uploaded to her account after her death showed her with angel wings made of light.

“Sleep well princess, we will miss you,” the caption said, in English and Arabic.

As fans mourned Fares, speculation mounted on social media that she was killed because she was viewed as a provocative figure in Iraq, where attitudes to women can be conservative.

She had been threatened frequently, which led her to move to Erbil, according to Bas news. 

“The fragile masculinity of those who have access to arms in Iraq is staggering,” one user wrote on Twitter.

Iraq’s Ministry of the Interior has announced an investigation into Fares’ murder.

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