Why Non-Profits Needs To Outsource HR


If you run a charity, you are one of those hero warriors that gives back to society and you won’t need reminding how tough it is to reach your targets. Funding is always a major focus, while finding volunteers is ongoing. Much like a regular business, your organisation has HR needs and rather than using your limited resources to manage the workforce, outsourcing is cost-effective and with industry specific professionals managing your HR, you will always be compliant with the stringent labour laws. 

Here are a few reasons to outsource HR.

  • Labour Laws – As you would expect, the government takes employment seriously and there are many rules and regulations in place to protect both employee and employer. The charity employment laws are similar to regular employment, with a few differences. If, for example, an employee or charity volunteer thinks they are being unfairly treated, there are channels they can use to lodge a complaint and should that happen, you need expert legal advice. To find outsourced HR for non profits, a search engine is all it takes to locate an agency that works with charities.
  • Fixed Fee HR Management – For a fixed monthly fee, all your HR needs are met by a 3rd party HR agency. This is a major aspect of managing a non-profit and whether recruitment, payroll or staff training, your HR partner has everything in control and with fixed costs, you can budget effectively.
  • Taking Care of Volunteers & Staff – How could you be expected to have the time to observe and recognise good work? There are always a million and one things for you to deal with, which is why the people in your organisation need to be managed by a specialist agency. You might not be aware that in the UK or even in other countries, there are separate labour laws for charities and non-profits and the agency has a team of employment law experts.


  • Dealing with Employee Issues – Imagine having a 24/7 hotline when you can speak to a labour law expert! That is precisely what you get when you enlist the services of a leading HR agency and fixed fee HR management is the most cost-effective way to manage a workforce. A typical example would be if a person from an ethnic background applied for a position but was rejected in favour of a local person, even though they were qualified, this might lead to a claim of racist behaviour, and you would have to justify your selection to the DoE. Two workers might have a confrontation that leads to physical violence. What are you going to do? Call your legal advice hotline and get the best advice when you need it.

As there are charity HR agencies, you can rest assured that all your HR needs are being met by an experienced team that understands charity employment laws. It is never easy to find good volunteers and when you do, it is important to take good care of them.