5 Things That Would Discourage Buyers From Purchasing Your Property

5 Things That Would Discourage Buyers From Purchasing Your Property

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If you are thinking of taking that job that would require you to move to another location and sell your home, this is a time to assess the property. Ask yourself, are there aspects that a potential buyer might not like? 

Here is a list of things that would be in that category:

  1. Cracks In The Structure – In the event there has been ground movement, this can cause crack to appear and that would show up when a potential buyer orders a building survey. If you can see any cracks, have a surveyor carry out some tests and if you’re lucky and the cracks are superficial, ask a local builder to render them out before you put the house on the market.
  1. Shabby Exterior – Even though a shabby exterior can be sorted, it is a considerable expense and any potential buyer might not even bother knocking on the door if the front elevation looks worn and in need of repair. Invest in some renovation work and boost the kerb appeal, paying attention to the roof, timberwork and the driveway. Talk to a home-staging company about improving the exterior of your property and they can tell you what can be done with your budget.
  1. Dirty Interior – If a potential buyer arrived and the interior was far from clean, this could impact your chances of a sale. True, it has no real bearing on the property, but people are finicky and the thought of a dirty living space is going to affect their decision to go ahead and make an offer. As soon as the listing is out, you should carry out a thorough spring clean, which will eliminate the risk of a buyer thinking you and your family are an untidy bunch!
  1. Pest Infestation – Imagine showing a potential buyer around and a cockroach runs over their feet? This would most certainly wreck any chance that you might have had of securing a deal. Turn to https://pestcontrolqld.com.au/ or a reputable pest control specialist in your city for a comprehensive pest inspection and you can be sure your property is pest free. If you asked the pest control team to apply a termite barrier, this should be mentioned and that would be a plus, while a document showing the results of the pest infection inspection is worth bringing out.

  1. High Asking Price – Some homeowners place a higher value on their home than the market price and unless you’re prepared to negotiate, it is a buyer’s market at present. Have the property valued by a real estate agent for an accurate calculation of the market price and bear in mind there are many houses on the market. A buyer might request that you include things like furniture, so be prepared to negotiate if you are looking for a quick sale.

When looking to sell your home, it is vital that you do what you can to make the property look attractive to potential buyers and you might like to ask a second opinion regarding the overall condition of your home, inside and out.