A List Of Recycling Metals That Are Sought After

A List Of Recycling Metals That Are Sought After


Recycling has been at the forefront of global societies since the turn of the century and metals make up a large part of all recycling. Some metals, such as copper and aluminium have a very high value in recyclable states, and with that in mind, here is a list of the most sought-after metals for recycling today.

  • Gold & Silver – Old gold jewellery can be sold for scrap value, which might be 9k, 14k or even 18k. Talk to a leading scrap metal dealer and ask them if they accept scrap gold. Silver jewellery can also be sold to a scrap metal dealer and they would be happy to come and collect your old silver jewellery.
  • Lead – Though not as widely used these days, lead is a very valuable metal and is often found as flashing on a roof. For those in Australia, you can check the Sydney lead scrap price per kg. Those outside the country can also use Google to find out the latest price of lead scrap in their location. You will see the value in this dangerous metal that can still be found in old properties.
  • Titanium – This metal is often found in sports equipment and some electronic appliances, as it is very strong. This is quite a rare metal to be recycled, hence its high value. If you do have some titanium to sell, your local scrap yard would take it off your hands and pay you the going rate per kg.
  • Stainless Steel – This is a much sought-after metal that is very commonplace. Kitchen units are generally made from stainless steel, while old cars can also be a source of this non-corrosive metal.
  • Copper – Copper is a valuable metal and it can be found in many household appliances including A/C units, fridges and even washing machines. You might be thinking of searching through Google for a ‘copper recycling center near me,’ which is actually a great idea. It will bring up a list of scrap metal dealers in your area. Copper is also used as flashing on rooves, as it is easy to shape and there could be quite a lot of this metal on an old roof.
  • Aluminium – Old windows and door frames are made from aluminium, while soft drink and beer cans are also valuable for scrap. If you are a beer drinker, don’t throw your empty cans in the garbage, rather keep them until you amass a good collection. Ask a local scrap dealer to collect and he will pay you cash. Some items of furniture contain small amounts of aluminium. To find out the going rate per kg, search with Google for a nearby scrap yard.

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There are a few other rare metals that can be found, but the above are the main types of metal that scrap dealers will pay good money for.

There are a number of factors that can affect the price of scrap metal – supply and demand, time of year, and the amount you have to sell. For the best possible prices, search with Google for a locally based scrap metal dealer and they would post their prices on their website.